5th Grade

Buena Vista has been blessed to have Hazel Byeon teaching 5th grade. Hazel graduated from Andrews University with an Elementary Education degree with minors in Language Arts and ESL.
She shares that she has always been involved in mission work locally and globally whether contributing at a local church or on mission sites abroad. She has spent time on both short- and long-term mission events in Guatemala, Korea, Peru, and Taiwan. Hazel also loves participating in and facilitating Bible studies and sabbath school lessons at her local church.
Hazel shares, “I love being physically active, and my secret for getting more than 10,000 steps every day is not having a chair to sit in in my classroom, which helps me to be more physically active but also make myself more available for my students to offer prompt assistance when needed.”
Hazel strongly believes in creating a safe and engaging learning environment for students where they can freely express themselves and learn to take ownership of their own learning. She strives to recognize and accommodate for individual students’ backgrounds and different learning styles and encourages them in the knowledge that they are capable learners and valued children of God.
Hazel’s ultimate desire for all her students is that they come to know they are infinitely loved by their Creator and Redeemer, which will lead them to obtain accurate views of themselves, others, this world, and the world to come.
Class assignments and activities are designed to help her students become creative and proactive learners and critical thinkers. Instead of simply being assigned with handouts and quizzes, students create their own handouts, quizzes, recordings, presentations, and educational online games in her 5th grade classroom.
Hazel shares that her students learn to utilize tools like word processors and various educational applications that will equip them to be competent learners of the 21st century. Students learn to work together cooperatively and communicate clearly.
BV is blessed to have Ms. Byeon as part of our team!

Here are some parents thoughts about having their child in Ms. Byeon's classroom:


"Ms. Byeon has been innovative in her teaching approach by multitasking virtually and in-person to meet the needs/restrictions among families/schools following CDC guidelines for COVID.  She never misses a beat by always being accessible to her students/families by responding quickly through emails, texts, and phone calls to allow every student an equal opportunity to learn and excel in all they do.  No child is left behind and Ms. Byeon takes time to work with her students during after hours to assist with harder assignments and making up missing assignments.  She encourages all of her students by reminding them of their strengths and enforcing a positive reinforcement to never give up and work hard towards success.  Ms. Byeon does a wonderful job at making a point to see each of her students individually to remind them of their unique gifts and allowing them to shine by cultivating their gifts through their daily tasks at school.  I love that Ms. Byeon is organized and efficient in all that she does.  She makes sure to fill in the missing pieces when educating her students and reiterating the accurate facts based on Biblical standings when learning within different subjects.  She is always willing to spontaneous in creating a fun platform for children to grow and mature socially through celebrating birthdays, acknowledging cultural traditions, & recognizing children's accomplishments through travel, building stem projects, and other various forms of expression.  I'm thankful for her ease, poise, and strong foundation in both her work ethic and above all God.  I'm thankful that she contributes to much needed diversity within the staff of our schools.  We need more teachers of color and I hope that all those who come forward will follow an amazing platform that Ms. Byeon has set."

"Lawrence has been thankful to have Ms. Byeon as his teacher.  She has always been accessible for reaching out regarding questions for school assignments or just to simply show something he has built, like robotics or a stem project that inspired him to do.  Ms. Byeon has been kind, loving, and always fair with her approach.  He's happy that he was able to still do school online when he was home with flu systems.  She made it possible for him to actively participate as if he was in class, but from the comfort of his own home.  Ms. Byeon has encouraged his strengths and committed to helping him succeed.  He loves her teaching approach and making learning fun.  She intellectually challenges him and pours her love in making him feel special.  Thank you."

"Fun personalized teaching style, while fun and friendly miss Byeon is truly in charge. Gets all classes done in time, perfect class schedule for parents to follow from home."


"The time spent with him when he didn't understood a math problem or an English exercise. Miss Byeon made prayer time and Bible class enjoyable, my son saw it as a blessing instead of a boring time (as I apparently do at home)."