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Interested in contributing to our cause?  Sponsor a student! 

Personally help a Buena Vista school raise money toward improving our after school sports programs and purchasing equipment for active classroom learning. This includes stability disc/chairs, standing desks and desk cycles - all tools that can help students learn and improve their health.
Deadline for all funds: March 17, 2017.
Who:  All students enrolled at Buena Vista SDA School in grades K-8 are eligible to become a Student Sponsor.  A student who raises a minimum of $100.00 between 2/16 – 3/17 will become a Run2Educate Student Sponsor.  All Student Sponsors will be listed on the back of the 2017 Run2Educate Race Shirt.  Students who raise a minimum of $200.00 will also receive a Run2Educate Student Sponsor Hoodie Pull-Over Sweatshirt.

How: You can help spread the word to friends and family in three ways:
  1. Share the link with friends and family on social media: http://myevent.com/run2educate.net.
  2. Mail the attached letter via mail to friends and family. If you need more copies, let us know. 
  3. Email a copy of this letter to friends and family (see Thursday Thoughts for an electronic copy) or share this link with them: http://myevent.com/run2educate.
Donations may be submitted via 4 options:
  1. Mail:  Check
  2. Online: Credit Card - http//myevent.com/run2educate or www.run2educate.net
  3. Phone: Credit Card
  4. Cash: In person
On-line giving link is:
Thank you in advance for helping your student personally invest in Buena Vista SDA School and become a Student Sponsor of Run2Educate 2017. 

If you would like to be a participant in the Run2Educate event, please register by clicking Here: https://www.databarevents.com/run2educate

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