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"booking" trips around the world

This year we are traveling the world with picture books.  Besides reading lots of books from many different countries, we are inviting guests who are from or who have visited the continent we are "visiting".  Here is our itinerary:

                Africa                           Sept. 19, 2011
                North America                 Oct. 24, 2011
                Antarctica                      Jan. 9, 2012
                 Europe                          Feb. 6, 2012
                 Asia                            Mar. 5, 2012
                 Australia                       Apr. 2, 2012
                 South America                May 7, 2012

From the time we arrive on a continent until we move on to the next continent, we will be "visiting" as many countries on that continent as we can with books and guests.  The more countries we visit, the better we like it and it's always okay to visit a country more than once.  We want to learn how people are different and how they are alike and what a special and interesting world that God made for us!

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